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Blue Mountains


 WELCOME!   I am David Caldwell, a psychotherapist and Clinical Social Worker who works with adults, couples and families. My office is in Reston, VA. Let me share with you some of my thoughts about psychotherapy and counseling gained through extensive training and experience working with persons dealing with stress, conflict, emotional pain and troubled relationships.

My APPROACH is to listen carefully to my clients needs, struggles, problems, and desires so that I may come to a deep understanding of who they are, what it is that has brought them to therapy, and what changes they are hoping to make. Through a variety of methods I then focus on helping my clients obtain relief from their emotional distress and develop the awareness, insight and strength to achieve their goals.

Among the AREAS OF CONCERN which are central to my work include those persons who are experiencing depressive symptoms, suffering from low self esteem, lacking energy or motivation to make needed changes, struggling in relationships, suffering from substance abuse, grieving the loss of a loved one, troubled by anxiety, social discomfort or panic attacks, have work stress and anger management issues. 

IN MY WORK WITH CLIENTS, I help them to come to a greater awareness and understanding of their feelings and thoughts. As they gain insight into how they conduct their lives, possibilites for change emerge. Developing new ways of thinking and engaging in new actions can lead to greater connectedness with others, fewer feelings of alienation, increased capacities for joy, and less judgmental or derogatory attitudes toward themselves and others. 

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